I believe every parent has a story to tell.

That is why I interviewed some amazing parents so you can hear their story and get inspired.

For this first interview, I chatted with Jody Agard, mom of two boys who lives in USA. She is the founder of Mommy Reboot and author of Mommy Reboot: A busy mom’s guide to self-care and Let Love in 101: A Practice Guide to Happiness.

She loves spending time in nature, and of course, writing and reading. To her, self-care is more of a revolution than just a cutesy catchphrase.

Jody is also a speaker and self-care coach working exclusively with busy moms. If you’re a busy mom and need coaching or therapy to learn how to take care of yourself better, get in touch with her.

So here goes.

Me: What is your daily life is like?

Jody: I usually start my morning off with writing, meditation, reading affirmations and exercising. I work full time from home but my day doesn’t start until 10am after I drop my son gets to school. My day is usually filled with coaching clients, some type of speaking engagement, or recording videos for my private Facebook group (open to moms if you want to join). I usually shut my work day down about 3pm and I end it with a short meditation before I put my mom hat on again. Like most moms, we do homework, dinner, and the bedtime routine. Once kiddos are settled into bed, I like to read, hang with my husband, and wind down for the night.

Me: Why did you decide you need to have kids and be a parent? Or is it something that you didn’t plan at all?

Jody: I wouldn’t say that I “needed” kids, I wanted them since I was a little girl. I always envisioned myself having kids when I grew up.

Me: What do you think makes a great or successful parent?

Jody: Someone who is mindful and sees the child as a person with their own set of gifts and talents, and helps to nurture them. A great parent encourages their child(ren) to be the best they can be, but understands they won’t ever be perfect. It’s someone who can see beyond the child’s poor behavior and mistakes and gives compassion, understanding, and tough love, rather than harsh judgements.

Me: Do you have parenting methods that you learn from expert or you discover yourself?

Jody: I’ve learned “The Conscious Parenting” method by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, as well as “The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents” by Deepak Chopra.

Me: Do you think husband and wife need to have agreements (written or unwritten) when it comes to parenting?

Jody: I do. I definitely think its something that needs to be discussed before they have kids. This can help to prevent any unforeseen “deal-breakers” when it comes to raising their children.

Me: How do you manage to raise kids if sometimes you disagree with what your husband or partner think/say/do?

Jody: Instead of judging their beliefs, for me personally, I try to listen with an open heart and ears rather than try to push my agenda based on my own upbringing. I don’t always do this perfectly, but putting yourself in the other persons shoes really helps to avoid huge, unnecessary arguments.

Me: In what moments you think you did/do something right with parenting?

Jody: I think I did something right when I have repeatedly taught my boys to not care what anybody else thinks. What matters the most is their own opinion about themselves, especially in a society with so much social media and comparing to others

Me: What do you do when you feel like you’re being awful at parenting?

Jody: I usually try to go for a walk, or do something to take a step back to breathe and gather my thoughts before I say anything else. I forgive myself for not being “perfect” and acting the best I could have, apologize if need be, and keep my eyes forward, knowing that tomorrow is another day.

Me: When did you started Mommy Reboot and why?

Jody: I started Mommy Reboot in 2017 because of my own powerful transformation practicing self care and then later, the success of many mommy coaching clients. Self care is a way for modern day moms to reboot and recharge their batteries so they can be even better moms. I realized that the world needed more teachers, authors, speakers like me to rise up and spread the goodness that self care offers. Depleting ourselves to the point of exhaustion no longer works for us moms, there is a better way, and that is one that gives us permission to love and nurture ourselves the way we so easily do our kids and family.

Me: What is the ultimate advice do you have for parents out there?

Jody: In a society that says “put your kids and family first”, instead put yourself first. The best gift you could ever give to your kids is you being happy. Remember that before you were “mom and dad” you were YOU. The more you can stay connected to yourself and do things you loved to do, the happier you will be. There may come a day when your kids will have careers and families of their own, and at the end of the day you want your kids to not ever lose sight of themselves and who they are. Taking care of yourself is the bridge to self care. Kids watch their parents, so you have to be a healthy model for them. Taking care of you, IS taking care of the kids.