Onion Soup with roasted au gratin cheese.
Cream of tortilla soup, with panela cheese and guajillo pepper.

Strong Plates
Duck confit over Campeche enchiladas with mango relish.
Garlic shrimp over a guacamole-cilantro cream with beet chips.
Fillet of beef in a sweet pumpkin demiglace,  guajillo chili mushrooms and guava marmalade.
Red snapper with a grated green apple gelle, tapioca, asparagus and avocado-cilantro blend.
Pork chop in an apricot glace, dijon, fig and steamed vegetables.
Chicken Milanese in a tomato honey and Galette potatoes.

Salad of spinach, pine nut, bacon, fresh peach in an apple dressing. 
Field salad with cherry tomatoes, three berries, panela cheese, Epazote vinaigrette and amaranth chip. 
Salad of arugula, asparagus, beet drizzle, dates, balsamic vinaigrette and Serrano crisps. 
Caprese of Tuito Panela cheese, organic roasted cherry tomatoes and sweet potato chips. 
Ceviche Marantina, Fish ceviche, with cilantro, mango and coconut. 

Vanilla ice cream and brownie
Bunuelo cake with brown sugar and cinnamon.
Chocolate cake with red fruit.
Cheese cake with berry.
Lemon Pie de Yelapa.

A Tour through Mexico.

[Distrito Federal] Mole de Olla: Porridge of beef chambarete, Chile, tomato, fresh corn off the cob, xoconoxtle. 

[Acapulco] Pulpo Enamorado: Octopus, mayonnaise, avocado, onion, celery, cherry tomatoes.

[Hidalgo] Cordero en barbacoa: Leg of lamb cooked in a fleshy leaf, accompanied by maize and green sauce.

Turron: Meringue, honey, almonds, raisins.
Cocada: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate shavings.